I used to be lost. I didn’t know who I was or why I even existed. I wanted to commit suicide at one point but after about two years I noticed how much I’ve grown as a person. How I changed and begun to understand life better. Now my reason for existence is to become the best me that I can become, because nobody really knows for certain what happens after life. A lot of people are lost and don’t know who they are (mainly speaking about teenagers). It’s a difficult stage in all of our lives and most teenagers just don’t know what to do so they begin to act, dress, talk, think, and do like others becoming “followers”. Essentially becoming copies of one another and not evolving nor contributing to the world but only creating more problems for themselves because we are suppose to reflect our lives. All our lives are different and often hard so becoming like someone else will not teach you to cope with yours. Just keep your family values, and don’t forget where you come from.


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