Life as a board game

Everyone’s life is like a board game and the people around you your accessories.


Life as nature

Life is like a river. Just like time, it doesn’t stop. It’s constantly moving, going to new places, so just go with the flow. Don’t try to stop and go back because by the time you finally get there it may be gone. That’s why we shouldn’t dwell on the past but keep flowing. Enjoy everything that you witness while you can but when it’s over let it go.Rivers always lead to somewhere and you may always choose a different path.


If English is your first language and you learn another language¬† you will never experience the beauty of it unless you’ve lived in the country where it’s spoken. Without a language we wouldn’t be able to form ideas, opinions, think, solve problems, and communicate. When you learn another language you are simply translating it from your own, essentially not learning anything new. But growing up in another country or living there would teach you words, their different meanings and concepts a school could never explain to you because you wouldn’t live it or experience it first hand. When we think, we are basically talking to ourselves so to describe something in an elaborate way through not only words but the concepts and ideas where these words have been used will add a different perspective.


I used to be lost. I didn’t know who I was or why I even existed. I wanted to commit suicide at one point but after about two years I noticed how much I’ve grown as a person. How I changed and begun to understand life better. Now my reason for existence is to become the best me that I can become, because nobody really knows for certain what happens after life. A lot of people are lost and don’t know who they are (mainly speaking about teenagers). It’s a difficult stage in all of our lives and most teenagers just don’t know what to do so they begin to act, dress, talk, think, and do like others becoming “followers”. Essentially becoming copies of one another and not evolving nor contributing to the world but only creating more problems for themselves because we are suppose to reflect our lives. All our lives are different and often hard so becoming like someone else will not teach you to cope with yours. Just keep your family values, and don’t forget where you come from.

To live

It’s not that we don’t see, feel, or understand. It’s that we don’t look hard enough. A lot of people forget how to live. They just get by trying to pay bills or food on the table which becomes boring. Even if you go on vacations that doesn’t mean you’re living or are happy. Try to see things in different perspectives. Look at it from different angels and ask questions. Be curious about life like you were as a baby, just live in the present by observing, analyzing, asking questions and trying to answer them. You have to find pleasure in the little everyday things which will turn into bigger things. This will turn into¬† satisfaction, confidence, and you might begin to live.