Color doesn’t matter

Maybe racism is caused by fear of being dominated by another race. People try to make themselves feel better or try to get ahead by putting others down. So an easy way to do that on a larger scale is by placing people into categories such are race. People are just afraid of being replaced by someone else or not being the first one to get it so they bring others down.



Some things just don’t have an explanation or it may not exist yet, so it’s up to you to create one. This is a major factor in building your personality. Just start looking around you, begin analyzing your surrounding. Start from the basics,  Why is that there? Why is it this color? Why is it made out of this? How does it feel? (smooth/harsh/cold/fluffy/etc) Why does it look the way it does? Then you keep going and ask How does it effect you? the people around you?, How do you feel about it? etc. You will begin to see more clearly and create new opinions which you may never have thought of before.

Bad is Good

Bad is equally important as good, because what would one be without the other? You should look at the bad moments/feelings the same way you look at the good ones. We all know life is a roller-coaster, but without the down there wouldn’t be an up. It creates balance which is an important aspect of life. Even though sometimes it may seem like you only keep going down, there has to be an up for you to go down again.


It is foolish to try and always see only the good in everyone or being positive about everything. That is not a way to deal with your problems, it’s running away from them. You’re hiding an important part of life, thus you can’t grow as a person or obtain the necessary skills for later in life.